Dear parent,

it's okay to not feel okay.

Canopie supports expecting mothers and caregivers with
the inevitable ups and downs of parenthood.

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Share how you're feeling

It's incredibly common for expecting mamas and parents to struggle with sleep, feeding, relationships, identity, bonding and much more. When you download Canopie, we'll ask you a few questions to understand more about your struggles.

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Access your personalized program

Canopie uses your responses to create a program tailored to your particular needs. We use evidence based therapeutic techniques proven to help new and expecting parents feel better.


Engage for 12 minutes a day for 12 days

Listen to your Canopie program anytime, anywhere to learn and practice techniques to manage stress, anxious thoughts, and low mood. In the app you’ll also find stories from other parents to help us realize it's normal to struggle, as well as practical tips to help with common challenges such as sleep, feeding and bonding.


Feel the results

100% of users reported a positive change in emotional health
98% of users said they would refer a friend to the program


Canopie is rooted in evidence-based techniques. We've scoured the research and run our own study to ensure that we are bringing the best program and tools to parents, because that's what you deserve.

Our research shows the program leads to clinically significant improvements in depression scores.

Co-created with PARENTS

We've worked with over 200 parents and 50 experts to design our programs.

While our approach uses science-based methods, we know research alone isn't the answer. We were designed by and with mamas to bring love, warmth, and connection to every session.

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