We believe every mama should have access to effective care.

The research shows that long-term outcomes for moms and their babies are shaped by the wellbeing of the mom. Every mama deserves to have the tools to help manage the inevitable ups and downs of this transition.


We believe in...

Technology as a problem solver, but not always the problem solver.

What the evidence show works and build through a collaborative working environment.

Universal access to evidenced-based mental healthcare for all parents.

Our team

Our team is led by women with decades of relevant experience and direct experience with the  issues we're addressing

Photo of Anne
Anne Wanlund
Co-Founder & CEO

Experienced leader and operator in maternal and child health

photo of ann don bosco
Ann Don Bosco
Co-Founder & COO

Former Google and strategy lead for Public Health England

photo of claire seaver
Claire Seaver
Head of Product

Behavior change expert, and product manager for fast-growing start-up

Emily Watson
Marketing and Brand Lead

Experienced marketer focusing on wellbeing for new moms

Marisa Perera
Reproductive Mental Health Advisor

Reproductive clinical psychologist focused on health equity

Embree Thompson
Research Fellow

Medical student at Cornell, Research Director at Harvard Alumni in Mental Health

Our advisors

Our company has passionate and engaged expert advisors who assist with content, design, review, and adherence to policy/guidance

Alinne Barrera, PhD

Specializes in Spanish-speaking communities and focused on depression prevention, intervention adaptations, and use of technology to deliver maternal mental health interventions.

photo of alex kelman
Dr. Alex Kelman

Research compares therapeutic approaches for digital mental health for moms & how to tailor this to marginalized audiences (BIPOC & LGBTQ+)

Photo of michelle cree
Michelle Cree

Leader in compassion focused therapy for perintal mental health - Author of the Compassionate Mind Workbook for Postpartum Depression

Some of our partners


Hear from parents about their experience with Canopie in their own words.

"Canopie's recordings have helped immensely with relaxation and reminding of self worth and to take care of yourself as much as you take care of baby."
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Lauren, New mama

"I would recommend this to all moms because these words were encouraging, empowering. Listening to the recordings made you want to get up off the couch and start doing something different with your life, start living."
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Julia, Expecting

"I have done CBT in the past to manage anxiety and low self esteem however I did not feel like the techniques / information I was given worked for me. This course was a lot more on my level and relatable."
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Beth, New mama

“Social media makes it look like new moms are loving every minute of it and if you are struggling in any way you're broken. It is very isolating. Canopie not only helped me to realize my struggles and negative thoughts are normal and not my fault.”
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New mom

“Relieving to listen to - it was like having someone tell you everything's okay and you're doing your best.”
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New mom

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Our research

Results from our initial randomized controlled trial indicates significant clinical improvement after only 2 weeks of engagement. 79.3% of participants with possible symptoms of depression had a clinically significant change in their mood

100% reported a positive change in emotional health
98% said they would refer a friend to the program
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If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate help call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room