Universal mental health support for mothers

Canopie integrates into your existing standard of care so you can see improved maternal-child health outcomes and cost savings.

The current approach to maternal mental health isn't working

Anxiety and depression are the most common complications of pregnancy and childbirth, and the financial and societal costs remain high. We can do better.

75 percent
new moms struggle with their mental health every year globally
1 in 5
cost to the U.S. from mothers struggling with maternal mental health conditions and their children
85 percent
estimated care and treatment gap for mothers who would benefit from help



Prevention and early-intervention are the answer.

With Canopie, you close the care gap. You reach all moms with mental health support early in their journey, reducing their risk of escalating to acute care and reserving high-cost resources for those who need them most.


Everyone deserves care

"Canopie helps you to take care of yourself as much as you take care of baby"

MARIANA D, new mama
of Canopie users had a significant improvement in mood in just 12 days

Start feeling better today

How we do it

We work with you to integrate a custom suite of our offerings into existing and familiar care pathways. The result? More engagement, deeper impact — for you and your moms.
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Virtual prenatal and postpartum clinician-led courses

Giving voice to the struggles that new mamas face by teaching coping skills in supplemental courses

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App-enabled mental health screening tools

Anxiety and depression are measured during onboarding and after program completion

Real-time emotional health insights

Daily mood logs and journal features for mental health check-ins

Personalized self-guided digital therapeutic programs

With an average session length of 2.5 minutes, busy parents can go at their own pace

Care coordination to behavioral health teams

We partner with provider networks to offer further mental health support

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Triage to emergency support for those in crisis

High EPDS scores trigger immediate care escalation

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“This is the app that is truly looking out for moms. I kept coming back to Canopie not only because it worked to calm me immediately, but the sessions were short and doable.”
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Sophie M.

New mom user


Mom tested, doctor approved

Our intervention uses a combination of therapeutic techniques proven to be clinically effective at increasing mood and reducing anxiety for this unique time.

Venn diagram showing Compassion Focused Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy overlapping with Canopie logo in the middleVenn diagram showing definitions for Compassion Focused Therapy (Bridge the gap between your brain and your body), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (Notice and challenge thoughts that aren't helpful), and Interpersonal Therapy (Improve relationships, strengthen bonds and support with good communication) with Canopie logo in the middle


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spotlight on THE CANOPIE APP

Technology-enabled mental healthcare

Our app enables us to screen more frequently, deliver targeted support with high engagement, and triage high-risk members into in-network behavioral healthcare teams sooner.

Co-created by leading clinical psychologists

Clinically validated therapeutic techniques

Customizable program based on each individual's goals

AAP STAR Center resource for postpartum depression

Offered in video, audio, and text formats

Emergency support and care escalation

Available in English and Spanish

HIPAA and SOC-2 Type 2 compliant

Let's support mamas together

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If you are experiencing an emergency and need immediate help call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room