Maternal mental health care should be as standard as taking a prenatal vitamin.

Mental health conditions are the #1 complication of pregnancy and childbirth. Canopie is a digital platform to prevent and address symptoms of maternal depression and anxiety.

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A huge CARE gap

Every year, 26 million mothers globally experience maternal mental health conditions.

75 percent
of new mothers struggle with their mental health
1 in 5
new mothers will develop a perinatal mental health condition
85 percent
will never receive any care or treatment

Struggling during this time is common, but there are things that can help.

Effective and timely support for all new mothers

Canopie is an evidence-based digital program that can address maternal mental health problems at scale - helping to close the enormous gap in care.

Using techniques proven to work for this period

Our program uniquely integrates clinically validated techniques that are recommended by the US Preventative Task Force and NICE to prevent and treat perinatal mood disorders.

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A tailored program for every mother

Our algorithm allows us to create 10 day programs to address each user's specific needs and goals with clinical techniques that are likely to help her feel less anxious or low.

Tackling barriers to access

With soothing audio modules and read-along text, Canopie provides programs in English and Spanish. By delivering our program through a digital app, we also address key barriers to accessing treatment––scheduling, cost, childcare and stigma.

Addressing common struggles

Explore additional sessions focused on some of the most common challenges new mamas face, so they can bring what they learn in the program to day-to-day challenges.


Infant feeding




Emotional health

Validated results

Results from our initial randomized controlled trial indicates significant clinical improvement after only 2 weeks of engagement. 79.3% of participants with possible symptoms of depression had a clinically significant change in their mood

100% reported a positive change in emotional health
98% said they would refer a friend to the program
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"Canopie has helped immensely with relaxation and reminding of self worth and to take care of yourself as much as you take care of baby."
New Mama User

Let's work together to support mamas